Audit &

Improving, Developing & Protecting our clients and their assets

Our audits and inspections are a confirmation process on your business expectations, systems, compliances and procedures.

Our aim is to improve the performance standards that is evident to our clients, their clients and stakeholders. We are not in the business of identifying hazards and moving on, we will assist, guide, recommend actions and follow up to achieve good practice and compliance.

Our audit & inspection program is designed to achieve this through a number of different reviews, including:

All our audit scopes are tailored to meet client specific needs.

Through our internationally qualified auditing team we have the capability to undertake audits, inspections and reviews in the following disciplines;

InteRisk Technology Platform

Our “Tech Platforms” have been designed to bring all your Risk Management, Compliance, Inspection and Reporting requirements together by linking all elements into one easy platform.

Certification of Management Systems

The Interisk Group is a Certification Body for Quality, Health and Safety and Environment Management Systems in Australia. We are a professional organisation backed by a team of trained auditors and technical experts with extensive industry experience.”

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