About us

Our vision is to secure a safe future for our people and business with industry leading risk management innovations

InteRisk operates in all sectors of the property industry and acts as trusted advisers and confidantes to the business of our clients. We support every level of our clients’ organisation and offer comprehensive and connected services.

Our people have a breadth of experience and guarantee the strength of our service delivery across specialities and unique client businesses. Our point of difference is the ability to offer our clients tailor-made, synthesised solutions across our service offerings.

Business Solutions

Our diverse experience can assist you in managing your HSE risk and compliance requirements. Our detail orientated personnel can undertake site-specific risk assessments and audits on all asset types, as well as comprehensive reviews of management systems.

Audit and Inspection

Our aim is to improve the performance standards that is evident to our clients, their clients and tenants. We are not in the business of identifying hazards and moving on, we will assist, guide and recommend actions to achieve good practice and compliance


Our InteRisk Tech Platforms integrated your Risk, Compliance, Inspection and Reporting requirements, into a single online system. Our Tech Platforms are able to be tailored to your unique business needs, while being easy to use and mobile device friendly.

Educational Processes

Our learning and development team is experienced in the design, development and delivery of training programs, both online and face to face. The programs we develop are unique to you, and are created through a detailed discussion of your requirements.

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