InteRisk Tech Platforms

Our “Tech Platforms” have been designed to bring all your Risk Management,Compliance, Inspection and Reporting requirements together by linking all elements into one easy platform. 


Less administrative time, consistently apply “best in class” practices


Increased visibility; improved management of staff and vendors.


Real time updates and communication


Smarter repairs /
risk mitigation decisions


Stronger BI for better decision making

“Our platforms provide end-to-end facilities management solution streamlining processes to give you visibility into all aspects of your sites and empowers you with insights to make better decisions.”

All the platforms are designed and developed by our in house Software Development Specialists which gives us and our clients the ability to control, develop and update the Tech Platforms efficiently. We provide following solutions which helps you to seamlessly manage all your risks, compliances and audits : 

InteRisk Auditor is a fully integrative and interactive auditing tool that can be tailored to suit the needs of the client and their operational requirements. It can be personalised for rapid or detailed inspections, audits, evidence or data collection through all mobile devices including images, risk assessments, free text and drop down boxes.

The EDGE is a widely used online risk management platform that assists organisations manage their risk and reporting requirements. 

iComply is a compliance management platform that allows organisations to manage their compliance data as per Business, Client and/or Statutory requirements. 

InteLink is an online interface tool that collates the EDGE and iComply into a single reporting location. 

Virtual Edge is a reality tour of your site which allows the user to “Feel” the experience through the power of real time video interaction. It combines both visual and text description of hazards, risks or non-conformances, allowing full transparency for investigation, auditing, inspection of works and professional standards including currency of documentation.  

InteRisk’s’ Incident Management system (IMS) is a fully interactive platform which allows the user to fully encapsulate the information, facts, evidenced imagery and media footage into a single platform providing accurate and transparent incident reporting. The IMS allows for investigative and tailored reporting with additional built in email and SMS notifications to all predetermined stakeholders.

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