ISO Certification

Certification of Management Systems

The Interisk Group is a Certification Body for Quality, Health and Safety and Environment Management Systems in Australia. We are a professional organisation backed by a team of trained auditors and technical experts with extensive industry experience.”

Integrated Management System

An integrated management system (IMS) combines the related components of a number of standards into one system. An IMS can benefit your organisation through increased efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce costs while minimising the disruption caused by several individual audits.


ISO 14001 certification will help build customer confidence in your commitment to managing environmental impact. Increased environmental awareness can achieve the highest operational standards, cut costs, energy use and minimise risk of environmental accidents.


ISO 9001 certification will help you monitor and manage quality across all operations, and outline ways to achieve, as well as benchmark, consistent performance, service and continual improvement.

Health & Safety

An effective occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system will help to reduce injuries and accidents in your workplace, make employee wellness and wellbeing a critical element of your system and continually improve the OH&S performance of your business.

Certification Process

Certification Information and Resources

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